Welcome to Iceburgh, North Pole

Every year Santa Claus invites his best friends, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and Pumpkin to play in a big snowball fight at the North Pole. They can bring teams and whoever wins gets the Best Holiday of the Year trophy!

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Whoever wins gets the Best Holiday of the Year trophy!


Team Christmas1

Team Christmas

Team Easter2

Team Easter

Team Halloween3

Team Halloween

Team Valentine4

Team Valentine

The 1st Snowball Fight

The first Snowball Fight happened after a dinner party at Santa’s house. During the meal with the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and the Pumpkin an argument was raised about which holiday was the best. “Easter is the most important,” The Easter Bunny said, gnawing on a bright orange carrot. “It’s not about importance,” The Pumpkin said, tossing some delicious dirt into his glowing mouth. “It’s about fun. Halloween is the most fun.” “It’s not about fun,” Cupid said, holding a chocolate heart up to his chest. “It’s about love. Valentine’s Day is all about love.” “They’re all great,” Santa said, full of cheer and jolliness.

“Uh huh,” the rest grumbled together.
“What?” Santa asked, his ruddy cheeks growing ruddier.
“Sure you’d think they’re all great,” The Easter Bunny said. “When it comes to Christmas, it’s not a contest. Everybody loves Christmas. It’s important.”
“It’s fun,” The Pumpkin said.
“It’s full of love,” Cupid said.
Santa sat back and looked at his friends.
“Then what are we arguing about?” he asked, a smile spreading across his face.
They didn’t smile back.
“I’m joking,” he said. “There’s got to be a way to settle this.”
“We could ask the children of the world,” Cupid said.
“No way,” The Easter Bunny said. “That would take too long!”
“And we can’t let them know we exist,” the Pumpkin said.
They grumbled in agreement.
“There has to be a way,” Cupid said.
Santa’s attention had wandered. Out the window he saw elves in a snowball fight. They were laughing and carrying on, without a care in the world.
“What about a snowball fight?” he asked.
“What would that do, Santa?” The Easter Bunny asked.
Santa stroked his beard, sipped from his cocoa, and stood up.
“We play each other and whoever wins get the honor of having the best holiday of year for that year.”
“Don’t you think you may have an advantage, Saint Nick?” The Pumpkin asked.
“Yeah,” said the Easter Bunny. “You live at the North Pole and you’re surrounded by snow.”
“What if we all practice?” Santa asked, pacing and really getting into his idea. “We’ll level the playing field through practice. I’ll host each year. There’ll be plenty of carrots, soil, chocolate hearts, cocoa, and warm lodgings.”
The rest looked at each other.
“And you won’t cheat?” Cupid asked.
“I’m Santa,” Santa said. “I never cheat.”
“What if we brought friends?” The Easter Bunny said, thinking of his best friend Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog.
“And made teams,” Santa said. “That’s a good idea”
“So when do we play?” The Pumpkin asked with excitement.
All four of them looked at one another.
And so they ran out into the snowy evening and played for hours, laughing and making up rules as they went. Who, you may wonder, won the 1st Annual Snowball Fight?
It was a four-way tie. And what about the winner of the second snowball fight the following year? That’s a tale for another page.


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