With a belly full of hot cocoa and candy canes, Juniper is always ready to compete. He's a confident, jack-of-all-trades who does a little bit of everything well, though his eagerness can get him into trouble.


Raised by Fluffy Ice Giants, Scotch knows how to survive long, cold Snowball Fights. He's a natural leader who gives orders but is also willing to get his mittens snowy.


When he's not catching tubular snowbanks and flinging curve balls, Hemlock reads of legendary elven heroes and hopes to one day become one of them... on and off the snowball field.


After becoming fascinated with facts, statistics, and strategy at the age of 7, Balsam developed into a skilled strategist. He is the map keeper and Scotch’s chief consultant in the snowball field.


The brightest elf in IceBurgh, Ponderosa is also the nimblest snowball fighter on Team Christmas. Like poetry in motion, he dodges, climbs, and hides all the while plotting the geometrically perfect snowball pitch.


Never without cookies and a canteen of hot cocoa, Spruce has boundless energy. He just keeps going, smiling, and encouraging the others to play through frostbitten ears. Perhaps someday, Spruce will lead Team Christmas, but for now he’ll just keep slingin' snowballs for Santa.


Growing up with lumberjack brothers, Bristlecone followed in their footsteps building mighty muscles with every axe swing. Now, his left arm is so strong that last year he tagged out General Groundhog with a 50-yard throw across the Ice Pond.


The 10 time winner of Santa Sprint 100 yard dash, Fraser is the fastest elf around. He's the team’s scout and is happy to show off his lightweight, athletic snow shoes to anyone who will pay attention.


With keen eyesight and quick reflexes, Douglas is the fastest draw and most accurate thrower on the team. His skills have earned him the nickname “Dead Eye”.